Coming soon!

Keep an eye out for our especially recorded ‘Voice Packs’ which will bring you professionally recorded and treated speech files to use in your game or story.  Each pack will come with preset data you can ‘plug-in’ to ensure you get your characters speaking ‘out of the box’ with our voice packs.

You’ll also be able to make suggestions for new phrases, new themes for future voice packs on our Discord, so make sure you come and say ‘hello’ there.

Engaging characters, heightened drama,
compelling storytelling!

Our Voice Packs are recorded and processed especially with ‘Now We’re Talking!’ in mind so you’ll be able to get themed packs such as ‘Pirates’ or ‘Sci-Fi’ and others (suggestions welcomed). You’ll not only get professionally recorded and treated samples but we will include ‘data presets’ which will simply ‘plug-in’ to the script on NWT_Prefab so you can have working mouths right ‘out of the box’.

‘Now We’re Talking!’ available at the Unity Asset Store – get yours now: