Let's look at 'Now We're Talking!'
features out of the box

(1) NPC_Phases added, a character can now have multiple conversations using multiple voice clip lists, all switchable in real-time so characters can react in many different situations in many different ways * NEW FEATURE !

(2) instant, real-time mouth animation – no pre processing required

(3) playback from an ordered list of voice clips or one click randomization of voice clips

(4) one shot – ‘welcome’ clip playback – play one clip only once ever, on first play

(5) standard auto eye blinks – control frequency of blinks * NEW FEATURE !

(6) emotive eye movements for emotional and dramatic moments or emphasis, with priority over eye blinks * NEW FEATURE !

(7) auto eyebrow furrowing – control frequency – gives characters a more dynamic feel *

(8) sci-fi, robot and mechanical mouth with synchronized light up/ flash in sync (think Daleks!) – control activation threshold

(9) preset mouth data, linked to professionally recorded, themed and processed voice clips for excellent quality real-time mouth operation

(10) easy to set up simple or complex conversations, cut scenes or story moments, characters can argue, sing, chat, debate – create whatever conversation type you need.

(11) works with any language (for clarity, so far it has been tested in Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, English – see Discord channel)

(12) works on any character mesh with a face surface, people, animals, vehicles, inanimate objects (rock faces, walls, signs, cans, fruit, vegetables), alien creatures… pretty much anything!

(13) does not require or rely on any other asset, it is a single prefab with adjustable position, rotation and scale all available to give a bespoke result.

(14) produces great looking, smooth, fluid, fine detailed, analogue like mouth movement.

(15) set up and working in under 1 minute per character.

(16) currently three types of mouth-shapes to choose from.

(17) adjustable ‘lips’ type object now available for each mouth shape (1-3) * NEW FEATURE

(18) rotational objects synchronized to voices (think K9 – Dr. Who)

(19) ‘D Bug Results’ checkbox to provide helpful assistance in checking you have everything set up correctly. *

(20) Live microphone input to drive NWT mouths directly, during live performances.

(21) v1.06 – Compatibility with Adventure Creator – NEW FEATURE

(22) v1.05 – Live microphone input (real-time) – NEW FEATURE

(23) v1.04 – Compatibility with Pixel Crusher’s Dialogue System – NEW FEATURE

Road map

( road map not in any particular order )

• Voice packs – professionally recorded, themed and processed, with data packs to ensure the voices work on your characters out of the box

• Sprite mouths (will be selectable as mouth-shape 4)

• Themed mouth sprite packs