Chatterware training tutorials

Follow our simple eleven minute video guide to get you started!
Then explore the other features which ‘Now We’re Talking’ offers your low polygon characters, such as eye blink, eyebrow furrows, different shaped mouths, sequenced or randomised playback of speech, one shot welcome phrase, even the ability to swap out materials for a ‘Dalek’ like, speech to lights effect.

Creating ‘One Day More!’ from Les Miserables using “Now We’re Talking!”
We recreated ‘One Day More!’ from Les Miserables using “Now We’re Talking!” in four hours!

“Now We’re Talking!” – Quick Start Tutorial v1.03
Learn how to get started with the latest version of “Now We’re Talking!” – includes multiple conversations.

Working with Eyes and Eyebrows in “Now We’re Talking!” – v1.07
In this tutorial we show the simple process of working with Synty Studios low polygon characters and their eyes and eyebrows  in “Now We’re Talking!”.
We also show you how to set up your own character’s eyes and eyebrows.

Working with Adventure Creator and “Now We’re Talking!” – v1.06
In this tutorial we show the very simple process of working with Adventure Creator and “Now We’re Talking!”, there’s not a lot to it, it almost works ‘out of the box’.

NWT Live Microphone Input Tutorial – v1.05 and Above
Welcome to another tutorial, this time for v1.05 and above we have introduced real-time microphone input for “Now We’re Talking!”  and we fixed mouth 3’s responsiveness.

“Now We’re Talking!” v1.03  Features Tutorial
Discover the many new features and capabilities of “Now We’re Talking!” v1.03.

“Dialogue System” integration into “Now We’re Talking!
This tutorial shows how to set up and use “Now We’re Talking!” in Pixel Crushers excellent “Dialogue System”, using the integration package provided by the ‘Dialogue System’.

“Now We’re Talking!” Making Mountains and Inanimate Objects Speak!
Do you have an inanimate object you want to speak, like a mountain?  Watch this!

“How to get “Now We’re Talking!” working in Game Creator 1 Tutorial”
Find out how easy it is to work in Game Creator 1 with “Now We’re Talking!”.

“Now We’re Talking!” v1.03 using NPC_Phases, host many conversations and easily switch between them in code.
Complex conversations become easily manageable with “Now We’re Talking!”.  To find out just how easy, watch this!

“Now We’re Talking!” Cut Scene Conversation Tutorial
How did we create the Pirate “Now We’re Talking!” marketing advert?  Here’s how!

“Now We’re Talking!” Daisy the Cow – Sings
So you have an animal or creature who needs to speak or even sing!  Watch this to see how easy the “Now We’re Talking!” set-up process is!

“Now We’re Talking!”  Sci-Fi Feature – Tutorial 001
If you have a character whose mouth could do with something special, flashing lights for example, then this video is for you!

“Now We’re Talking!” Setting General Parameters
“Now We’re Talking!” is quite complex, here are some of the features available to bring to your game or story to increase engagement and improve dramatic immersion.

“Now We’re Talking!” Rotation and Flashing
Need Dalek like robots or mechanical science fiction characters to threaten your players with whirring mechanisms and flashing lights?   Watch this!

Multiple Synty Studios packs were used to generate these examples.

Engaging characters, heightened drama,
compelling storytelling!

Heighten the drama in your game, let ‘Now We’re Talking!’ bring your characters to life.
It’s amazing how such a small feature can play such a big role in the Storytelling process.

‘Now We’re Talking!’ available at the Unity Asset Store – get yours now: