Now We’re Talking!

Chatterware presents - 'Now We're Talking!' for Unity.
Give your low polygon characters a voice, so to speak!
Automatic animated mouth movements in real-time.

Simply: add the NWT prefab, add the voice clip, load the default data presets and you're ready to talk!

‘Now We’re Talking!’ – automatically synchronises mouth movement to give
your characters the impression of speaking

Real-time response

Real-time mouth movements
bring your characters to life!

Easy to control

Easily control speech in any scenario, including Timeline.

Ready to go

‘Ready to go’ data presets for
instant multiple mouth setups.

Optional extras

Randomised blinks, furrowing eyebrows, welcome clip, randomised playback, flashing response ( for robots / mechanical characters, see below ).

'Now We're Talking' uses voice clips to 'drive' the movements of the mouth.

‘Now We’re Talking’ uses voice clips
to ‘drive’ the movements of the mouth.

These voice clips play live through the
standard Unity AudioSource component.

There’s no need to process the soundfile
ahead of time, everything is live
in ‘Now We’re Talking!’.