January 20, 2022
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January 20, 2022 support

With the new year, 2022, a new updated version of “Now We’re Talking!” has just been released. Version 1.04 is now available on the Unity Asset Store and what a treat is instore for users of one of the best assets on the Unity Asset Store, the excellent, ‘Dialogue System’ by Pixel Crushers. Pixel Crushers’s Tony Li and ourselves got together and Tony developed an integration package to allow “Now We’re Talking!” to be used alongside the ‘Dialogue System’.

With both assets installed, developers just import a separate external package available directly from Pixel Crushers to allow “Now We’re Talking!” to be integrated into the Dialogue System. A demo scene is provided to show how the two systems integrate and which features are available.

The team at Chatterware have been busy creating tutorials for the updates to the system, v1.03 had a major change so beware to watch the v1.03 tutorial for an insight to those changes. With new updates come new capabilities, additional functionality, better creative opportunities. We’ve also just posted a new video tutorial to show how to use “Now We’re Talking!” with Game Creator 1. Game Creator is a very popular, very powerful, no programming required plugin. Essentially allowing artists and non-coders, the ability to create gameplay and interaction. Although our tutorial shows how to work with Game Creator 1, Game Creator 2 users should be able to figure out what to do from the same video.

We’ve had a few requests for integrations with other plugins on the store, and Chatterware would like to openly state, we are happy to discuss how we can integrate into as many plugins as users need us to. Our Discord server is monitored on a regular basis and we have a suggestions section where users can offer up new ideas for the system and what it needs to continue to develop.

You are most welcome to join our social media channels:

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